Game Bird Husbandry & Welfare

In pursuit of our commitment to set and maintain high standards of husbandry & welfare is the appointment of St Davids Game Bird Services. St Davids is an independent specialist veterinary practice that oversee and advise on welfare standards.

For our customers, the primary benefit of this independent scrutiny is knowing that they will receive partridge & pheasant poults in peak condition to replenish their estates and sporting ventures.

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Bird Sales

Here at Welland Valley Game we have an enviable reputation within the industry, offering quality Eggs, Day old Chicks, pheasant poults, partridge poults and ex layers for sale.

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Partridge & Pheasant

When rearing pheasant and partridge, a key consideration is to consistently ensure that our customers receive fit, strong pheasant and partridge poults that have been acclimatised to life in the wild.

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Trust your order to Welland Valley Game and you are guaranteed value for money and absolute peace of mind knowing that you’ll get exactly what you have ordered at the date and time you require